What to expect when looking for a criminal defence lawyer

Melbourne criminal defence lawyers

Melbourne criminal defence lawyers will be able to help you out if you run into any trouble with the law. If your case gets brought to court it is imperative that you have someone to fight your corner and to help you get the best possible outcome. Laws in Victoria can be different from other states so it’s imperative that your representative is knowledgeable on everything to do with your case and all possible outcomes. Below, we’ll look at the most common reasons for hiring one of the many Melbourne criminal defence lawyers.

Support and knowledge

If you are being interrogated by the police, it would be best to have one of the many Melbourne criminal defence lawyers by your side. They will stop you from incriminating yourself by saying the wrong thing or having something you said taken out of context. A professional attorney will let you know of all your rights and responsibilities so nothing else can go wrong.

Reduce Stress

Melbourne criminal defence lawyers will help you reduce any further stress. If you fight your case by yourself, you will need to study several different parts of the law as well as cases that bear similarities to yours, it will just be too much work. You will end up spending hours doing this and probably doing it incorrectly as you tire. It would be best to hire a professional to help you as soon as you can.

Knowledge of the law

Your legal counsel will be able to advise you on every aspect of your case from start to finish. From the initial evidence you give, to your plea at the beginning of your court case, Melbourne criminal defence lawyers can walk you through exactly what to expect. They will be able to present evidence correctly, object to evidence presented by the prosecution and cross-examine effectively. If you end up being convicted for a crime, they will understand the law in relation to sentencing which may help you reduce your sentence. In the end, it should all result in a more favourable outcome.


There is a lot of paperwork associated with a criminal case and you will want someone with plenty of experience to help you with this aspect of your case. Melbourne criminal defence lawyers will know what and when you submit different documents. Posting your bail may be an especially important piece of documentation that you don’t want to get wrong. They will have the experience to help you submit this and any other paperwork correctly.


One thing people say about court cases, no matter if the case ended in a favourable result or not, is that they are stressful. This stress lasts for weeks and will get worse as the cases proceeds. You will want one of the best Melbourne criminal defence lawyers fighting your case. This will ensure the case proceeds efficiently with minimum time wasted. Obviously, you want to avoid punishment  but in many cases, the quicker the whole ordeal is over, the better, so that you and your family can return to normal daily life.

Melbourne criminal defence lawyers will not be cheap but if you find yourself in any trouble, it is advisable that you get in touch with one as soon as possible. You may be strapped for time but try to find one that comes with a lot of recommendations and has a lot of experience fighting cases for people charged with similar offence. They may not be able to get you off any offences you’ve been charged with completely, but you will have a high chance of getting a reduced sentence.