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What types of people are successful in business

Have you ever noticed how some people just can’t get it together when they work for themselves, whereas others seem to thrive? This is because there are different personality traits that make a person more likely to be successful in business. There have been thousands of studies performed around the world researching this exact subject in order to figure out what characteristics successful people have. Furthermore, there are tons of personality tests that can be taken online which will tell people what their personality traits are as well as their strengths and weaknesses. So, what makes a person more likely to succeed in business? One of the common traits that many successful entrepreneurs seem to have is passion for what they do. There could be two different people starting similar businesses but the one who is genuinely excited about what they are doing is more likely to succeed. Moreover, their passion and excitement will cause a ripple effect which will cause people around them to get excited too. This means that people are more likely to buy from a passionate person or to become their client. For this reason, it is important to only start businesses that you are passionate about to make it more likely that you will succeed.

Successful business owners also require motivation

It is not uncommon for successful people in the business world to be extremely self-motivated. This means that they are capable of making their own effective schedules and will easily stick to them. They are the type of people that will wake up an hour earlier than everyone else because they are truly hungry to go out and chase the day. They are the ones who aren’t afraid to chase up clients, to meet new people, or to send the cold emails. Their motivation will drive them to do whatever it takes to make their business work, and this is why they are more likely to become successful than someone who isn’t motivated. While, of course, people can have dips in their motivation levels, the ones who are more likely to have flourishing businesses are the ones who stay hungry and who will go that extra mile to make things work. There are loads of other personality traits that will make it more likely for someone to be successful, but some great ones that can be worked on are passion and motivation.

Tips To Save Money in Business

There are ways of eliminating overheads that are important to the success of an enterprise. Money saving is about being more than fragile, it speaks to the efficiency of a company that needs to look after the bottom line and long-term health of an organisation.

So how best to cut down on those expenses that are weighing down progress? From small start-ups to larger conglomerates who manage a significant portfolio of employees and departments, we have identified 5 key money saving tips for your business.

B2B Marketing

Leveraging your brand and co-opting marketing campaigns can be a great means of cutting down expenses. By strategically identifying organisations that cater to a community you are attempting to infiltrate, it is worthwhile engaging in a business-to-business partnership than investing in stock standard endeavours isolated from your core objectives.

Live Green And Save Green

Recycling waste and saving on power is simply common sense. Not only are you contributing to a smaller footprint, but you are cutting down on added purchases and extra energy that does not need to be used. Cut down on the need to print and examine means of tapping into solar power for electricity purposes.


Utilise Freelancers

Employees can work wonders but they won’t be able to achieve miracles. There will be times when a project simply requires a hired gun and rather than invest thousands in consultants or educating current team members, see what the web can offer. Millions of expert freelancers in web design, poster makers and social media operators are there waiting to compete for bids and perfect the task with a minimum of fuss at a competitive rate.

Be Cloud Friendly With Data Storage

Paying for hosting privileges online and securing hardware for backup purposes can be an expensive exercise. Thankfully with the advent of the cloud, data can be kept in a safe space that does not rely on the lifespan of a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Non-cloud options require software packages to be bought and heading for the new age option alleviates stress while cutting down on overheads in the long-term.

Purchase Bulk Stock

If occurrences such as shipping, packing, transport and warehousing costs are becoming a burden, then it is worthwhile discussing with suppliers about bulk purchasing. If the capacity is there to do so, then companies will more often than not offer a discounted rate should the goods be paid for upfront and ahead of time.


Is starting your own business good for your health?

There are many people out there with niggly health issues who believe that starting their own business will solve all of their health issues. They will be able to set their own hours and work around any illnesses that they may have and can even work from home. It will be less likely that they will disappoint a boss when they cannot live up to expectations because they will be their own boss. While many people will small disabilities and health issues do thrive when working for themselves, they may not know about all of the stress and hard work that can be involved. It is not uncommon for people to work from home when they start their own business, and this means that they won’t be able to leave their workplace. When working for someone else, employees are able to clock off and wash work from their mind. For those who work from home, they don’t get to leave their workplace and can often blur the lines between work and home life. Because of this, many will end up working well into the night and this can put a strain on their relationships.

How to take care of your health when working for yourself

Even though starting your own business can be extremely stressful and there are many factors that may negatively impact your health, there are strategies that can be implemented to reduce the chances of this happening. One of the best things to do is to have clear boundaries. For example, only working from one room in the house and never taking work outside of that room. It can also help to have set hours that you work and to ensure that you stick to them. This is a great way to mentally leave work when you have done your desired hours. It can also be wise to have a great support system in the form of a business coach or counsellor. Having someone to chat with during those first crucial years of business can make a world of difference and is a great way to take care of your health when you are working for yourself. Furthermore, it is important to take regular breaks throughout the day and to make sure that you are participating in plenty of exercise if you are sitting at a desk all day long.

How to stay motivated in your business when you are bored

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While working in your own business can be extremely rewarding, there can be times when you will become bored and unmotivated. This is especially the case for those who work for themselves or have a very small business. The first thing to remember is that there is nothing wrong with you. We all can become stale or stagnant at different times in our lives and this can be a common occurrence when we work for ourselves. This is because we don’t have anyone to answer to and so there are no immediate ramifications if we don’t do things on time. This is why so many people don’t like working for themselves or for small businesses because they find it hard to stay on track. So, what can you do when you find yourself dallying or procrastinating? Thankfully, there are thousands of books out there written about this topic and it is still widely researched today. Many people are keen to understand more about the human mind as well as to learn about different types of tricks and tips that can help us stay on track. So, without further ado, here are some ways to stay motivated in your business when you are bored.

Remember your why

Not every task is going to be exciting when you are running your own company, so in these moments it is important to remember your why. Your why is your motivation and is the reason that you decided to start your own business. It could be something like “I want to help as many people as I can with my products and help my family become financially free.” Some people also refer to this as their mission statement. A great little trick is to buy giant sticky notes and to write your why on to them and stick them around a home or office. Others will set reminders to pop up in their phone. Some will send a voice memo to themselves which will remind them of the reasons that they began. Using all of these different tips and tricks throughout the day to remind yourself of your why can be an extremely powerful motivational tool and will help you get through with ease when you are feeling bored or stagnant in your business. After all, you did begin for a good reason, right?