What to expect from an arboricultural report

What to expect from an arboricultural report

When it comes to organising an arboricultural report, there are plenty of people out there who have many different questions. They want to know how much it costs to apply, how they are able to apply for this kind of service, as well as what is actually included. There are many different circumstances where people can find themselves needing to implement this service, such as when they are looking to put a tree removal application through the council, when they are building a home, or when they are looking to do a renovation or extension.

Each council is a little different and will have different local laws, but generally these are the kinds of situations where someone will need to organise a professional arboricultural report. Some people will simply be looking to get a deeper understanding of the health and longevity of their trees as they will be wanting to do everything they can to ensure that they live for as long as possible. But whatever the situation may be, this is a great service that can be implemented by anyone who is looking to learn more about the trees that are located on their property. As this is such an important topic and because people have so many questions, this article will explore this topic further.

A free quote can usually be obtained online

One of the first questions that people will have in regards to this service is about the cost. While each tree is different because of the size, location, and species, it is likely that it will cost a couple of hundred dollars. Having said this, it is always best to speak with the company at hand to give as much detail as possible to obtain an accurate quote. The great thing is that this can usually be done online. All people have to do is visit the company’s website and then fill out an online form. From there, the company will take the information given and provide an accurate quote. If an individual is happy with the quote, they are able to organise a time that is suitable for them for the qualified arborist to complete their report. This will then be put together by the professional and will include all of the relevant details that are needed by the council in order to establish if a tree can be removed or not.

What sorts of things are included in an arboricultural report?

There are many different things that are included in an arboricultural report, all of which are necessary to receive council approval to remove a tree. It will need to include the applicant’s details such as their name and address as well as their own professional details and qualifications. It will also include a site map, the scientific name of the tree, information about any diseases or pests that may be present in the tree, the trunk diameter, the height, the canopy spread, as well as arguments for and against the removal of the tree. Depending on the council’s laws in that area, they will either approve or deny the removal. They may instead suggest that it could be pruned or cut back. It is also important for people to know that the costs of having the desired tree or trees removed are not included in the arboricultural report. As there are so many different costs involved, many will simply choose to abandon the idea of a removal. Having said this, there can be cases where the item may be causing damage and there will be no other choice. When this is the case, it is always best to receive professional help.