How to Make The Right Choice With Diamond Wedding Rings in Melbourne

Bride and groom showing off their wedding rings

Men and women who want the very best diamond wedding rings in Melbourne will want to be making savvy decisions designed in their best interest.

We have all heard the horror stories about the $10,000 grand investment that proved to be a bust.

Rather than rushing this process and hoping that the perfect deal will magically fall into place, there are some key techniques that anyone can use when approaching these stores.

Buying From a Quality Jeweller

There are a lot of considerations involved with buying best diamond wedding rings in Melbourne, especially given the size of the investment and the stakes involved. To avoid added complications during this time, consumers are advised to buy from trusted jewellers in the city who enjoy the backing and confidence of other community members. If they deliver recommendations from first hand sources and showcase the best reviews online, they have to be at the forefront for shoppers.

Identifying The Right Measurement

Bride and her diamond wedding ring made in Melbourne

Melbourne clients who are looking to pop the question will want to know that their recipient will fit into the item. Thankfully developers in this market will design these items to match any finger, offering goods that are 16mm in diameter to 17, 18, 19, 20 and beyond in some customised selections. They will be listed according to their size profile for women and men, so it is important to examine their size and define these parameters early in the piece.

Defining Carat Size & Shape 

Diamond wedding rings in Melbourne are set with a price according to the size of the carat. The bigger the carat – the higher the price tag. Participants will be presented with a scale to see what is actually affordable for their budget, operating from a 0.5 scale upwards of 2.5 and beyond. The shape comes down to aesthetic preference, displaying pear, round, oval, marquise, heart, radiant, cushion and emerald designs respectively.

Examining Clarity & Cut Quality

Specialist jewellers will always look to test the quality of the cut and the clarity of diamond wedding rings in Melbourne before they decide to set their market price. If there are any blemishes recognised during the assessment phased, that will mark the figure down. Operators will want to see that the glisten and sparkle is maximised and that it will perform across various light conditions. Ensure that the brand has undergone these checks before agreeing to a purchase.

Selecting an Appropriate Setting

If there is a way to showcase the very best diamond wedding rings in Melbourne, it will be in large part to the setting that has been implemented in the product. There will be the thin bezel option, the traditional prong display as well as the halo and double halo creations that provide a point of difference. Much like the diamond shape, this comes down to personal preference and how the band will integrate into the overall package.

Complimentary Band Design

It is understandable that the focus with diamond wedding rings in Melbourne is all about the ring itself, but the inclusion of the band can help to highlight key features and add extra value to the proposition. It has to hit all of the right marks for colour and texture. This is where jewellers will present local clientele with white gold, gold, rose gold, platinum and sterling silver alternatives.

Warranties, Repairs & Returns

Local shoppers recognise that these investments are far from cheap and unlike other purchases, there could be the unfortunate possibility of not using the product depending on the response. That is where constituents should judge diamond wedding rings in Melbourne according to their insurance provisions, giving them the chance to resource warranty agreements that stipulate returns and repairs. If those terms are documented and legally binding, then there is at least some fallback option for clients.