5 Things to Consider When Choosing Inventory Tracking Software

inventory tracking software

Most businesses rely on selling products to generate profits, this means that knowing how much product you have to sell is essential. There is nothing more frustrating as a consumer than ordering something and later finding out it’s not available; this could potentially lead to customers not buying that retailer in the future. In order to prevent this, vendors have to find ways to monitor their merchandise. With technology becoming more accessible and reliable than ever, many businesses are now using inventory tracking software. These programmes are designed to track inventory levels, orders sales and deliveries. But are they really worth it? Keep reading to find out.



The first thing to consider is reliability, any process used for such an important business process needs to be dependable. One mistake could have huge ramifications. However, the other alternative to inventory tracking software is employing someone to supervise and log stock using an excel spreadsheet or a pen and paper. Unfortunately, the simple truth is, people make mistakes, so using this method isn’t the most reliable option. The purpose of using an application for logging stock is that it takes away the risk of human error. Computers are designed to be reliable and not to make mistakes. Therefore, using a computer application is arguably the better option in terms of reliability.



Before opting to purchase inventory tracking software, another important factor is cost. There are many different options when it comes to stock management programmes, they will vary slightly in terms of how they work, what they do, and of course, how much they cost. Luckily, as technology is so widely used in business now, many programmes are quite affordable. The best approach is to consider what you need from the application and choose one that most closely meets those needs. It’s pointless to pay for something with features that are irrelevant to you. So save your money and find something affordable and concise.



Another thing to take into consideration when choosing inventory tracking software is the usability of the programme. Remember that even though it will do a lot of the work itself, it will need some human input to run efficiently. It will also be important for employees to learn the basic operational procedures and controls, so it needs to be easy enough for them to learn in a short period of time. Implementing a complex system can be difficult and time consuming. So simpler, the better.



Many businesses make use of a few different programmes to carry out their daily functions. So it will make everything simpler if the new inventory tracking software integrates effectively with what you currently have set up. As stock management is so closely related to other tasks, you may need integrations with other functions such as ecommerce and shipping. Even if this isn’t relevant currently, it’s a good way to future proof the business and prevent you from having to buy more applications when you upsize.


Numerous Locations

Stock management is difficult and it gets even harder when you have more than one location. For any business that has several warehouses or has plans to expand, it is important to ensure that the inventory tracking software has the ability to work over all locations. The best thing to look for is a programme with a centralized tool.


Although stock management can be complex, using inventory tracking software can make it much easier for any business to function. But, choosing the wrong application can be a costly and time consuming mistake. However, if you consider these five things before making your decision, you will definitely be getting the best programme for the needs of your growing business.