Why Residential Solar Panels Are a Worthwhile Investment

Why Residential Solar Panels Are a Worthwhile Investment

So you are thinking about investing in residential solar panels for your home?


Sticking with the old traditional means of garnering energy is costing Australians more and more on their monthly or quarterly bills and this is a consideration that families and homeowners have been pondering for sometime.


The downside for taking this approach is only in the short-term. By the time you have found a supplier there are costs to upgrading and organising an installer can be a bit of a hassle.


After that though, there is no real downside to investing in residential solar panels. On both a micro and macro level for yourself and society at large, this is a step that more people are embracing as they look to increase the standing, efficiency and value of their home.


So here we will argue the case for the affirmative, listing all the positive benefits and rationales behind investing in this piece of technology for your postcode.

Environmental Impact


The very creation of residential solar panels was intended to tackle a much larger problem when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. Taking less electricity from the grid reduces your carbon footprint to see less coal burned to emit less pollution into the atmosphere. These are choices which made in isolation do not make a significant difference, but collectively and over a period of time, this is a strategy that can help to combat the phenomenon of climate change.

Long-Term Savings


The term “going green” should not be viewed in an environmental sense, as residential solar panels prove to put more money back into the pockets of Australians. The financial incentives and tariffs handed down by the federal government was utilised to entice more homeowners onto panels through their scheme, and that goodwill has translated across to providers who are making it affordable for a majority of citizens.

Tangible Performance


It is undeniable in 2018 that residential solar panels are superior on the basis of performance than the alternative. That is simply fact. From models that provide 6 to 12 panels to those that produce 250kW to 320kW of energy, the technical expertise of these systems are emblematic of the technological advancement and investment made in this equipment. Coal is old news and the brightest scientific minds have switched attention to upgrades in the solar sphere.

Independence From Other Energy Sources


Simply relying on the grid and public utilities can be a dangerous game depending on your location. Should the local council run into issues as weather events influence people’s access to power and energy, residential solar panels can give homeowners a stronger sense of independence.


Australian Environment and Setting


Whereas homes in Europe, Asia and areas of America are not blessed with year-round exposure to sunshine, Australia is genuinely blessed in this department. Residential solar panels domestically rate higher than comparable regions that have utilised this technology for a longer period of time, seeing solar PV penetration rates far outweigh their counterparts. Of all the nations that should be embracing solar as part of their renewable energy platform, it is Australia.



There are other reasons to prove that residential solar panels are a worthwhile investment from a consumer’s point of view. From increasing the value of your home should you decide to one day put it on the market to the Australian Government’s financial incentives via the Solar Credits Scheme to greater returns beyond 3 years, this is simply the smart choice to make.


The reality is that residential solar panels provides clean energy that conducts all of the heating, cooling and lighting needs without hampering the environment. It is a win-win for all concerned.