Why henna is better than traditional hair dye

When it’s time for your hair maintenance or if you want to try a new style there are safer more cost effective measures that you can try that you may not know about. Henna is a natural plant based hair dye that is a safer alternative to the traditional chemicals that most salons use.

So quickly what is henna? Henna is a type of plant that usually grows in dry, hot climates. The leaves of the plant are collected and then dried. Once dry they are ground into a fine powder and paste that can be used to dye hair, nails and skin (those henna tattoos that you have seen are done using this technique).

Rather than looking for a regular hair dresser try to find a henna hair salon that specialises in this growing trend. It’s a great way to hide grey hairs or even recolour to give your head a new glistening shine.

Here is some of the reason why henna is better than traditional hair dye;

It’s healthier for your hair

Conventional hair dye is made from chemicals that contain allergenic preservatives that can cause skin irritation and inflammation. Some have even been known to have traces of lead and other harmful metals in them. Some side effects form the preservatives found in hair dye can cause comas, dermatitis, vertigo and even asthma which is obscene.

The chemicals have a side effect of the scalp where they can penetrate your scalp and change biological composition of your hair. It occurs as the chemicals cause the shaft of your hair to swell where the hair’s cuticle is affected.

Many hairdressers and professionals have stated that hair looks and feels healthier after using a plant based product. It is gentle on your hair, strengths it and changes colour without changing the structure of it at all.

Henna is also free of ammonia and peroxide which are two common chemicals found in convential hair dyes.

Can work for any type of hair

No matter what type of hair you have henna can work with it all. Applying the plant to the shaft of your hair also strengthens and conditions to make it feel smooth and silky. If your hair is fine you run the risk of potential hair loss when you try to change colour with chemical dyes.

Henna is safe and you don’t run the risk of your hair falling out after your trip to the henna hair salon. The plant based dye also promotes hair growth and strength for those whose hair is thinning. It’s a win-win where you can change the colour and also promote fullness growth.

Time between visits

The only benefit that chemical hair dye has is that you can change colour to your hearts whim compared to henna that requires a longer rest period in between each session.  The bonus with henna though is that when the colour starts to fade it gives a more natural look than conventional dyes. Instead of having those obvious roots being displayed you’ll have a nice natural look that can be easily managed and adjusted to accommodate for a new look.

Treating hair that has been dyed with henna is just as easy as regular hair. Use a colour maintaining shampoo and leave in conditioner will make sure your hair is looking better than ever.

So the next time you’re thinking about changing hair colours look for a henna hair salon that can offer so much more in making sure that your hair is looking healthy and fabulous.