How to Know if Leather Lounges are Authentic or Fake

leather lounges

It is genuine for consumers in 2018 to be a little bit cynical about the legitimacy of leather lounges.

Given the sheer amount of choice and number of providers that are on the table for shoppers in Australia, there are outlets from domestic shores and overseas who promote themselves as the real deal.

However, there have been enough case studies and examples to sift over in recent years that illustrates a strong degree of deceit among certain suppliers of these products.

Lounges and sofas are hot items for members of the public who want a seating arrangement they can create their living space around.

To the uninitiated, these could be grade A sofas that are well resourced and purchased for the long-term, only to later find out they have been sold an illegitimate product and a faux lounge.

So what should a consumer be aware of as they venture into a department store on the lookout for a leather item that will allow them to access something of tangible value?

Fortunately there are some tips that can be utilised to differentiate between the authentic and the faux products.

What is the Feel of the Fabric?

If there is a softness that can be felt to leather lounges that is not akin to general sofas, then there is a strong possibility that you have landed on an authentic product. Once you have taken a seat into this item, it should neatly sink down into place without feeling rigid or tough on your exterior. It is when the tangible feel of the item is plastic and inflexible that customers should be able to sound out a faux provider in this respect.


What Does the Label Say?

There are unique discrepancies that are involved with real leather lounges that put them apart from their faux counterparts. One of them is to do with the label. If you come across a brand that you recognize from mainstream providers and outlets, and it stipulates on the label that it is genuine leather, then there is a strong likelihood you have encountered a legitimate source.

The more detail that is offered such as the type of leather including rub off, softgrain or antique options, the better. Do not let this facet alone fool you though, because deceitful operators can easily manufacture a label that seems authentic on face value.


What is the Price?

One of the major factors why faux leather lounges garner any circulation is because consumers are on the hunt for a bargain. Even if that only happens to be 5-10% off a regular retail price, an illegitimate item will look to cut down on the price to find their own corner of this market. You must acknowledge that this niche is quite the investment and any brand seeking to sell you a knocked-down lounge for price is likely to be issuing an inauthentic good.


What is the Smell of the Lounge?

When they talk about some consumers being able to “sniff out” a bargain, well there are scenarios whereby individuals can literally smell out leather lounges for their authenticity. Head to a store and smell their range of leather products. Once you have the scent in mind, you will be able to draw parallels between the real and the fake.


Concluding Thoughts

If you have identified one of the great aesthetic leather lounges from a department store and you have undertaken this process of checking and cross checking, but you are still at a crossroads debating the authenticity of the item, there are some steps you can take.

The first is to obtain a warranty from the provider so you are safeguarded for an inauthentic sale, and you can receive a written agreement/contracted sale document that stipulates that the item is indeed real leather.

In the event that you have be mislead and been sold an inauthentic product, you must demand a complete refund for the good. Failing that process from the end of the provider, you can contact the ACCC to lodge an inquiry about the matter.