How IT is changing the face of business

How IT is changing the face of business

IT is an important and ever present part of the modern business – ultimately the success of a majority of current businesses can be characterised by technological advancement. Where not much can be classified as “change” in business operation and principle since the industrial revolution, the introduction and increase in trend of IT has brought about a dramatic wave of change and opportunity for businesses alike.

The very introduction of technology into the business world has changed the aspect and way in which businesses operate – changing the face of business through IT development and most importantly, the adapted access and mobility as brought about with it. With this in mind, there has never been a better time for a beginning and sustaining a prosperous career in the field through IT internships.

Mobile solutions provide access to sales, content marketing and customer relations at the click of a button – or more commonly, the touch of a screen, almost anywhere and everywhere at any given point in time. By implementing such an advancement within the business space, companies have achieved the freeing up of staff tasks, effective resource allocation and, most importantly, given themselves the opportunity to expand and grow to the digital customer.

Closely tied to the idea of increased mobility is cloud computing which allows businesses of varying sizes to move parts of their operation to third party servers via the internet. The notion of cloud computing ensures small businesses can benefit from greater access to resources that otherwise would’ve been cost prohibitive. An internship can offer access to a large and infinite database of demand for cloud software that will continue to grow into the future due to the great sense of success already exhibited by small businesses.

Data segmentation through analytics has also undoubtedly changed the face of business in the sense that analytic services account for the direct targeting of a minute and specific customer base that can only be identified by greater understanding of customers. Such analytical services provide cost advantages in the sense that specific targeting will provide a greater return on marketing efforts, a simple Google account provides information on when, why and where your customers are from allowing direct targeting of these groups in the future. Internships provide the perfect starting point to forge a career in data analytics which through the competitive advantage generated will undoubtedly be a successful one.

Arguably one of the greatest impacts technology has had upon business is connectivity and allowing for increased ease in staying in touch with clients and further employees. Text and video has established a platform for contact that is often immediate and more intimate, prompting efficiency and more importantly ensuring reliable and timely outcomes to pressing business issues. Not only has IT allowed for more-timely and better handling of business issues but also allowed for better connectivity between customers allowing targeting email blasts to promote interest and in turn profits.

The ability to establish employment in communication software which is always developing and enhancing towards the generation of a web of real time information ultimately offers endless possibility. As we all acknowledge social media is ever present in all aspects of modern society including businesses. Social media is closely tied to networking and ensuring the expansion and full utilisation of a massive audience on a global scale. Ensuring a positive and inviting digital footprint allows companies’ access to a market far greater than prior to social media and can in turn benefit greatly from the proper development and care of a business’s social image.

An IT internship can open the door to a career of prosperity in a field that has undoubtedly reshaped business today and will continue to in the future. IT provides significant benefits to businesses which simply can’t be forgone as eventually the demise of a business is imminent if IT is not fully utilised.

Businesses must understand how technology affects their business both positively and negatively and adopt or avoid practice in order to sustain competitive advantage. Given the sheer power of IT to generate a profitable and sustainable business, careers in the field are prosperous today and will be into the future with an internship accounting for the perfect starting point.