Going Global With Freight Forwarding – Begin Your International Expansion With Ease

Going Global With Freight Forwarding - Begin Your International Expansion With Ease

Global expansion is a significant milestone for your business, but it also comes with its own unique set of challenges – moving goods across borders can be a hefty task without the assistance of freight forwarding, but luckily, these types of services are easily available and highly beneficial. Today we’re looking at how freight forwarding can help you go global with ease:

They Handle The Details

One of the biggest benefits that freight forwarding offers in terms of international expansion is that they handle the details for you. Working out how to get your goods from country a to country b can be a nightmare, but with a third party logistics team on your side, this problem is no longer yours to solve.

Customs Is No Longer Your Problem

Speaking of things that are no longer your problem, by engaging the services of a freight forwarding provider, you can essentially wash your hands of customs. While you’ll still need to provide accurate information regarding your shipments, the company handling your freight forwarding will be the ones dealing with all the details and jumping through the hoops that customs put in place.

Cheaper Rates

Freight forwarding

Looking for a way to get cheaper shipping rates on international fares? Because freight forwarding companies spend the entirety of their time moving goods, they’ve got pretty solid connections with the businesses in charge of transport (and may even have their own fleet). This translates to lower shipping rates as sending in bulk is almost always more cost effective.

Removes The Need For Overseas Teams

Another significant benefit of engaging the services of a freight forwarding company is that it generally negates the need to have boots on the ground at your destination. They’ll have their own teams in place to handle the receipt of your goods and ensure that they end up where they need to be so you can focus on building your local team at head office to be the best they can be.

Less Paperwork

Hate paperwork? If you’re not the one in charge of shipping, you’re probably not going to have to handle the majority of the documentation associated with getting goods across borders. This is great for those who aren’t particularly knowledgeable in this area but also benefits those who simply don’t have the time or desire to be stuck behind a desk all day filling out forms.

Shorter Lead Times

Because freight forwarding services focus purely on getting goods from point a to point b, they tend to be a lot more efficient at getting the job done. This means that you can expect shorter lead times and less issues, which in turn helps to ensure positive customer sentiment and repeat business.

Secure Processing

Finally, the use of a freight forwarding service can also help improve the security of your shipments. Their teams are experienced in ensuring that goods safely get where they’re going (it is the entire purpose of their business after all) and they know what measures need to be put in place to make things run as smoothly as possible. This means that whether you’re shipping the most fragile glass pieces, durable wood and stone, or anything in between, you can rest assured that the chances of loss or damage are minimal.

Thanks to their expertise, and the ability to provide the seven benefits outlined above, freight forwarding services are able to make global expansion a much simpler (and more accessible) process for your business. You’ll obviously still have much to do internally in order to get ready for such a large scale expansion, but when you’re ready, your freight forwarding service will be too, and they’ll really give your project wings.