Building An At-Home Gym? Here’s The Exercise Equipment You Need

Exercise equipment at home

Working out at home has become the norm in 2020, thanks to the spread of the coronavirus. While Australia has managed to control the contagion, which has allowed public gyms to re-open to the public, some gym-goers are sticking firmly with their at-home routines. In fact, there are many benefits to purchasing exercise equipment for your home gym. In the long run, it’s cheaper, since you won’t need to pay a fortnightly fee for a local gym membership, nor will you need to pay for transport to and from your local gym. So, if we’ve convinced you to consider building your own home gym, here are the top pieces of exercise equipment you need!


The treadmill is arguable the most sought-after piece of exercise equipment in the aerobic product market. It’s great for cardio and is flexible, in the sense that you can alter the speed/incline to suit your specific needs or limitations. The only drawback is they are expensive, so if money is a little tight, consider switching to a stationary bike or a rowing machine for your cardio needs.

A dumbbell set

While a treadmill will cover your cardio needs, a dumbbell set can help with your strength and conditioning needs. Purchasing a dumbbell set will ensure that you have access to a range of different weights, allowing you to perform more routines. If you want to get the most out of your exercise equipment, then we recommend getting some lighter bicep curls and some heavier ones for different routines.

A set of kettlebells

For the perfect at-home gym, you must have a set of kettlebells. They are easy to use and can be applied to a bunch of different workouts. The handle is comfortable to use, and they are quite affordable. If you’re not sure where to purchase your exercise equipment, do a quick Google search for direct manufacturer outlets since you’ll be able to save money this way.

Adjustable weight bench

While most people will go for a stationary bench press, we recommend buying an adjustable weight bench. The caveat to this is that it will be more expensive. However, the benefits massively outweigh the cost. With an adjustable weight bench, you can set the exercise equipment so it can be a conventional bench press, a shoulder press or an incline press. This means you can tackle three different movements with one machine.


Young man doing fitness exercises on home gym

A multi-gym is arguably the most comprehensive piece of exercise equipment you can find in the market. With a multi gym, you won’t need much more. If you’re serious about your workout, then you can get a professional-grade machine (bear in mind, it will be worth a lot more), which will allow you to target your entire upper body, core and even integrate some leg work. With its cable motion useability, you can target your pecs, lats, quads, core and a whole lot more. You won’t ever have to go to a public gym again with this machine since it will last for many years!

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are great for building muscle tone and stretching. What’s more, they come in a range of different resistance levels, so you can pick the levels that best suit you or buy the whole pack and work your way up. If you’re an experienced gym-goer, then you won’t be using these for strengthening purposes but more as a way of warming up your muscles before each routine.

So, if you’re looking to build your own home gym, make sure you consider purchasing these pieces of exercise equipment to ensure your space covers all muscle groups.