Advantages of Purchasing Skype for Business Busylight

Skype for business Busylight

Business owners who take a close glance at Skype for business Busylight will be provided with a litany of reasons why they should buy into the product.


When thinking about clarity, efficiency and improving communication within the four walls of an enterprise, it delivers on the necessary benchmarks that defines sound business practice.


The good news is that this simplified yet cutting edge technology does not have to require a great degree of expertise to implement properly.


Across any niche from any market in a regional or suburban location, the Skype for business Busylight can get the job done.


Here is why.


Avoid Less Missed Calls


One of the greatest facets of tapping into a model such as Skype for business Busylight is the ability to cut down on the missed calls rate. This is a domain of modern business that hurts the bottom line when it comes to customer satisfaction and revenue gleaned from sales. Missed calls translates to missed business as consumers head direct to competitors. With the assistance of this software integration, customer service officers, clerks, assistants and secretaries can see and hear with clarity about notifications to deliver on efficiency. Those businesses who do not integrate similar models are left chasing their tail.

Clearly Audible


The Skype for business Busylight provides a sound quality that can be heard as far and wide as you would like it, or simply to be limited to the close proximity of your work station. That is one of the beauties of this model and a real advantage for commercial operations that might be very loud in a warehouse situation or requires a degree of needing to be discrete such as an art house exhibit. Take anyone of the ringing options and run with it:


  • Twinkle
  • Ding
  • Ringading
  • Crystal
  • Cogi
  • Techzor
  • Neptune
  • Angel feet
  • Circuit
  • Millepede
  • Invader
  • Freedom
  • No tone

Clearly Visible


The colour of the Skype for business Busylight is a fundamental aspect that should not be ignored. Not only are the colours imperative when thinking about the status of a call in close proximity, but the brightness is another element that can produce clarity from a further distance. Whilst this can be altered, there are colour codes for available (green), busy (red), away (yellow) and do not disturb (purple). Although some employees or employers who are colour blind might not pick up each and every signal, that will work in a majority of cases.



The Skype for business Busylight application can be switched at the configuration board to ensure that a certain colour-coding can be conducted from your own station. Think of all of the status notifications you would like to have fit your own style at the desk:


  • Incoming IM
  • Incoming call
  • On call
  • Available
  • Away
  • Busy
  • Do not disturb
  • Manual


There will be an enable box on the dashboard to be an option for you. Then there will be further user options that will be issued for you to alter should you wish:


  • Brightness
  • Flash
  • Tone
  • Volume
  • Ring mode
  • Call handling

Flexible Models


The Skype for business Busylight is only one facet of a program that allows workers to integrate their calls through a desk phone, laptop or desktop system. There are Alpha, Omega, Combi and Kuandobox products that are scaled according to price and compatibility with different stations, an asset when a business owner considers either upgrading or downgrading their workspace in the short-term future.



There is little doubt that businesses who embrace Skype for business Busylight are a step beyond their competitors. Do not see a piece of technology like the Skype for business Busylight as an unnecessary cost, but an investment that will improve your operation, both internally and externally.