The balloon decoration ideas for your next event

balloon decorations

Planning an event is a seriously challenging task. There are so many different elements that need to be organised from the invitations to the number of guests to the table or standing arrangements and then the food, drinks and decoration.

When you are planning an event you often want some inspiration, along with some help, that is going to make the whole process easier. Balloon decoration is a great way to make the venue or function room look brighter and more entertaining. There are so many different balloon decoration techniques and some can be complicated. However, all of the balloon decorations will be worth it when the venue looks amazing combined with everything else.

Knowing what type of balloon decoration you want can be a challenging task. That is why we have put together a list of ways that you can style your party of function venue with balloon decorations.

Inflate them with helium and hang photos

This is a really creative balloon decoration that works well for smaller events that only have a few tables. Simply choose any suitable colour and pattern of your choice and hang photos from them over the tables. Use photos that are specific to the event or the significant person of the event to create a fun environment. For birthdays, this could be great to see all of the baby and childhood photos of the person.

Glow sticks inside balloons

For outdoor parties this is a really unique way of introducing some light. Prior to inflating them with helium, put a glow stick inside so that you have lots of different coloured lights thanks to your balloon decoration. Attach weights on the end of a long string and situate them all around the outdoor space to produce the light.

Alternatively, if you have a pool you could opt to place them in the pool and have them floating. This is another cool feature that adds a unique element to the event.

Get creative and paint

Opting to paint for your balloon decorations is a fun way to get the kids involved if it is a children’s party. Just before the event, and ensuring they are all inflated, get some of your son’s or daughter’s friends to come over and have a little bit of fun painting. There are two great benefits of this decorative method; firstly, that you don’t have to do it yourself so you have more time for other things; secondly, that the kids can really get creative with their designs.

Place cards

If you want to a specific seating arrangement, one way to make this a little more fun is to use the place cards as part of your balloon decoration. They make it clear and obvious that there is a seating arrangement and add some colour to the table setting.

Tape them to the wall

Blow them up in all different shapes and sizes and stick them to the wall. Using different colours is a great idea too. This creates a really vibrant environment whilst adding a unique look to the event. It is very unlikely that the guests would have seen anything like it before so you know that they will be wowed by the design.


This is one of the more common choices. A large balloon arch at the entrance, or if there is an outdoor space such as a backyard, makes the event look sophisticated. These can be purchases in all different shapes, sizes and colours meaning you have a lot of freedom with how you want it to look and fit in with the rest of the décor.