Should You Buy Thong Swimsuit Bottoms?

Woman wearing thong swimsuit bottoms

Have you seen women rocking thong swimsuit bottoms on the beach recently? It certainly can be a very bold look. It’s a style that harks back to the eighties, drawing on the days when nylon, leg warmers and neon were popular. You might remember thong swimsuit bottoms from Baywatch back in the day and we’re here to say that they’re back baby. Thong swimsuit bottoms have been everywhere lately; celebrities are rocking them on beaches all over the world, models are wearing them on the catwalk and now everyone else is following suit. But you may be asking, is it a look that I can really pull off? It’s a daunting style after all.

It’s certainly not a look for shrinking wallflowers who like to cover up, but it is a look that almost everyone can wear, even if you tend to prefer modesty. Whilst this style is undeniably cheeky, it can be worn in a very sophisticated way and it can be extremely flattering on all body shapes. So really the answer is that every single person can wear this look, and should. If you want some tips for wearing this style then read on below.

Draw attention with block colours

If you want to really play up the cheeky with this style but you’d like to give it a fairly modern feel them opt for block colours. This will make your thong swimsuit bottoms feel classy and sophisticated. For an eclectic look go for a different colour on top or even a pattern. This is such a fun and chic style that makes a great update and evolution to the original neon styles that were in back in the day.

Use them to accentuate your hips

This style is a great option for practically every body shape. If you have a big derriere and wide hips then this is a great style to wear. Go for a high cut style as this will help to accentuate your waist and emphasise your curves in all the right places. If your thin, then this style can give the impression of curves and looks great with a triangle bikini top.

Pair them with a bandeau top

If you have a smaller bust then a great tip is to pair this style with a bandeau top. This will give you a great deal of balance and can make your top half appear more voluminous. A fun pattern or ruffle can draw the eye and looks amazing with this cheeky style.

Pair them with a padded top

Sexy woman flaunting her thong swimsuit bottoms

If you’re super curvaceous then this style can be extremely flattering. Go for a tie up style as if you’re brave, as this is more adaptable to different body shapes and curves and pairs particularly well with structural, padded tops that provide a good deal of support. If you’d like to feel supported all over then go for thicker straps below and a thinner, structural style on top.

Try on different styles

An important tip that you should keep in mind when shopping for thong swimsuit bottoms is that you should try on a few different styles and designs. There are endless options, styles and designs that you can choose so take the time to find something that makes you feel good and comfortable in your own skin.

Skip this style when you’re surfing

For surfing or other physical activities in the water, this probably isn’t the way to go. Whilst it’s very stylish, it’s not really designed for lots of activity and might leave you feeling a bit more exposed then intended.