Common misconceptions about criminal defence lawyers that you should know

criminal defence lawyer

When you are looking to get the services of a criminal defence lawyer you already have preconceived ideas of who these professionals are and the way that they conduct their business. Contrary to what most people believe lawyers aren’t as bad as the media and TV portrays them to be.

Luckily for you we have compiled a list of the top misconceptions about lawyers that you should know about.


A good lawyer is always in a hurry and too busy to explain things to me

This classic misconception definitely stems from TV shows with lawyers walking fiercely down hall ways with no time to spare for anyone. However one of the most essential characteristics that a lawyer should have is their communication skills.

A criminal defence lawyer converses with multiple people every day so it is very important that they are able to convey their ideas and strategies effectively. These skills also aren’t limited to people within the court room. Part of a criminal defence lawyer’s job is to inform you of the process and what the strategy in place is, after all they’re human too and you should be treated as one.


A good criminal defence lawyer doesn’t care about me personally, only the case and their fee

If you do encounter a criminal defence lawyer that is only interested in the case and their fee, that is a big red flag. Legal representation is a personal service and you should be made aware that they care about you and that they respect you as a person and not as another pay check.

Additionally, you should never be judged by your criminal defence lawyer because of the nature of your case. Guilty or not, cases aren’t won on the basis of anger and intimidation. They are won with a strong sense of strategy and trust between both parties.


All lawyers think that they are better than everyone else

Again, if you run into any lawyer with this attitude they don’t represent everyone as a whole they are just being pathetic. Good criminal defence lawyer know that they are not better than anyone else and should treat all people with the utmost respect. True masters are an eternal student and should be learning everyday of their lives and this comes from talking with people. You will never learn anything if you think that the people around you are below you.


Good criminal defence lawyer are like fighting dogs

Fighting dogs go attack without a plan or thinking. The best kind of criminal defence lawyer wouldn’t go into a fight unprepared and without thinking over the stakes of a fight. They use their years of knowledge and experience to develop a strategy and then work to put said plan in motion.

When you are choosing your criminal defence lawyer, you don’t want someone that skips over the facts and gets into a fight without thinking it over. You want someone that is smart, honest and actually cares about you. If you find a criminal defence lawyer with these traits you are doing yourself a favour by setting yourself up for success in the best way that you can.