All Your Questions About How to Reglaze Glasses Answered


New specs can be a significant cost, especially if you’re changing your prescription regularly and having to replace them every couple of years. Whilst it’s important to choose a style and fit that suits you and your life, chances are you’ve probably found good frames that suit you in previous years. If you aren’t looking to change up your look and you’re happy with your existing frames, then a reglazing service could be the option for you. Here’s everything you need to know about why you should reglaze your glasses.


What are reglaze glasses?

Firstly, if you aren’t exactly sure what the term means or the benefits of this service, it’s really quite simple, reglazing refers to the replacement of lenses into your new or existing frames. Once you decide to reglaze glasses, you can save significant money by offering a solution that allows you to repair or reuse your existing specs.


Why reglaze your glasses?

There are several reasons you might seek out a service to replace your lens, including;


Replacement of damaged lenses

If you seriously damaged your lenses by smashing or scratching them then a lens replacement might be in order. If the frames are not broken then your existing prescription lenses can simply be swapped out for new ones. If the frames are damaged, the spectacles might not be eligible for new lenses. Damaged frames can make it difficult for the provider to fit new lenses.


Changing your prescription

If you’re prescription has changed and you need to update your lenses they can be easily upgrade to new lenses whilst keeping your existing frames.


Reduce unnecessary waste

If you have spent a substantial amount of money on a pair of designer frames, or just don’t feel the need for a change then you should reglaze your glasses. This is a great options to reduce unnecessary wastefulness. If you’re frames are in good condition and you’d like to get more wear from them, there is no reason they shouldn’t be reused with your new lenses.


Adding a lens coating

If you’re happy with your current specs but want to add a tint, polarisation, anti-glare or a photo-chromatic coating then a pair of newly reglazed glasses is the way to go. With many options available, adding a coating is an easy way to get more from your specs.

The choice to reglaze glasses instead of buying new can saves both time and money. Not only is the price significantly cheaper, but the time to prepare new lenses is often shorter than the time taken to prepare entirely new prescription frames. If you’re reliant on your glasses, a quick turn-around can be a lifesaver!

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What is the process?

So what happens when you want to reglaze your glasses? Most services have package prices on offer based on the style of your frame and the prescription lenses required. Once you have selected the frames that you want to update, you should obtain a recent prescription and get the measurements of your glasses. Measurements you need to obtain include;

Diameter of the lens

This is measured from the bridge across the lens.


Measure the region that sits directly over the nose

Arm length

There are several standard arms lengths. Measure the length of the arm.

You should provide the retailer with your prescription and specifications. They can then quote you an exact price – you will see significant savings on the cost of buying entirely new specs. Once you are happy with the price you should post the frames to the chosen provider and they will fit the new lenses. It’s actually quite a simple process!



Can you reglaze non-prescription glasses?

Yes you can, it is possible to change out the lenses of your sunnies. This is useful if you want to update them to add a prescription or a tint.


Are there any frames that can’t have the lenses changed?

Any frames that have a strong curve or are damaged, fragile or distorted in anyway will not be good candidates to have the lenses replaced. Most providers offer free assessments and will be able to tell you if there will be any issues.


How long does it take?

Depending on the provider turn-around time is usually anywhere between 2-10 days to reglaze glasses. Timings are usually faster than when ordering an entirely new pair of specs.

If you’re upgrading your prescription regularly, looking to get more wear out of your expensive frames, or want to make the most out of your sunnies, then choosing to reglaze glasses instead of buying new is a great opportunity to save some money and time. Updating you lenses is a fantastic solution for breathing new life into your old frames.

The process is simple and convenient and there are many reliable providers on the market offering great rates and quick turn around times.