3 Advantages Of Using Glass Water Pipes For Toking

Woman holding a glass water pipes

Glass water pipes have been used by people to toke for hundreds of years now, and for good reasons too. Glass water pipes have come a long way since the first toker was to make one out of primitive materials, and as such the advantages they bring have only increased over time. They have many more features added to them now which can be used to create a smoother, larger hit that will make the most of your herbs. This is namely due to extra filtration, which can be used to filter the smoke even more thoroughly than once thought, creating very smooth hits that cannot be compared to other forms of toking. If you have tried other toking methods and believe it does not get the most out of the herb, then you may be right. However, with this method, you are guaranteed to make the most of your smoke session and feel good doing it too.

Here are 3 advantages of using glass water pipes for toking.

Smoother hits

Glass water pipes will produce smoother hits for you. This is largely due to the filtration it provides. The combustion of herbs in other smoking methods will produce smoke that can irritate the throat. This can lead to coughing fits and a burning sensation in the throat. With glass water pipes, the smoke that is produced is filtered through water, which will remove the carcinogens in the smoke as well as cooling it down, making the hit much smoother than other methods. You will still of course have some coughing fits here and there, however it is likely that you will have less in comparison to when you are using other methods of toking. This is also a good method to go by if you are new to toking, as it will be less harsh on the throat.

Filtration is better

When you combust any form of material, carcinogens will be produced. Inhaling these carcinogens is not good for your health, and can lead to health issues down the line. Using glass water pipes will help to filter out these carcinogens from the smoke. It will not eliminate them all completely, however, it will reduce a significant number of the compounds from the smoke as it is filtered through the water. It also filters out any byproducts of the combustion of the herb, such as tar and ash. Pulling the smoke through the water will take out the tar which can build up over time in your lungs and cause a number of issues. Anyone can tell you that swallow a big piece of ash mixed with tar is something terrible to experience, and as such using glass water pipes can eliminate this possibility.

Creates bigger hits

man with smoke coming out from his mouth

Glass water pipes do not just produce smoother hits, but they also create bigger hits. Because the combustion occurs in the piece and all of the smoke is pulled through, the hits you get are much bigger and more potent than other toking methods. You will really be able to make the most of your herb through glass water pipes, and you can ensure you are not wasting any smoke at all.

In summary, glass water pipes provide many advantages over other forms of toking. These include smoother hits due to filtration, the filtration of carcinogens and other nasties in the smoke as well as creating bigger and more potent hits. It is obvious to see that using glass water pipes is the best way to go when it comes to toking herb.