Twitter Comedian Posts ‘Handy’ Nazi Flowchart To Help People Figure It Out

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It’s not particularly complicated…

The violence and terrorism on display over the weekend prompted some unexpectedly equivocal commentary from many on the right, including the current occupant of the White House.

So clear things up and unmuddy the waters, comedian Geraldine DeRuiter made a flow chart to help people navigate what has become, for some, a very sticky topic.

Concerned about the potential for vagueness in the flowchart, a few other folks suggested handy additions to clarify things.

A poll was created to give people a little more flexibility in arriving to their own conclusions.

But hey, if you were wondering if people still take issue with the fact that our grandfathers went to war seventy five years ago to defeat the Nazi regime…You bet they do.

Not hard, folks. Nazis tried to exterminate a whole religious identity from all of Europe. That is bad. They started a war of conquest and murdered political opponents. That is bad. If you’re confused about that, I refer you to the above chart.

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