Reporter Shares Photo Of Oval Office Under Construction, And People Have Concerns

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It’s peaceful. Like the middle of a hurricane.

The White House is a historic institution that is among the most important buildings in our young nation.

Real human being President Donald Drumpf is a six-time bankruptcy filer who is known for going a tad overboard with the interior decoration – such a tad, in fact, that it lends one to muse, ‘if gold was a disease, what would a fatal case look like?’

While Trump is on a very important/his 48th visit to a golf course this week, the Oval Office is undergoing some renovations. A reporter snapped a pic of the empty office in a truly resonant symbol of our times:

Put two and two together, and it suggests that there may be some changes in store for the Oval Office. So people have concerns. This simple request has one thousand likes.

Trump already replaced the muted red curtains in the Oval Office with gold curtains because consistent branding is important to salesmen. He’s already on record as saying that the White House is a ‘dump.’ And his current vacation/metaphorical-for-now-flame war with fellow egg-man Kim Jong-un is slated to last another two weeks, so whatever is happening in the Oval Office has plenty of time to happen. Might it be long enough to “Cask of Amontillado” Sean Spicer into the walls?

Artists’ conceptions flooded the internet.

Not everyone was so concerned though. To some, the empty room offered a bit of relief.

Here’s to hoping the drapes are where it stops.

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