Man Makes Nazi Salute On Camera, Gets Immediately Punched In The Face

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Rule one – don’t be a racist moron.

Rule two – if you choose to be a racist moron, understand that the rest of the world is not on your side.

Rule three – if you make a stupid shield as part of a dumb war costume so you and your racist moron friends can go play race warrior make-believe in public… actually, there’s no rule there. You just suck.

Rule four – don’t do a Nazi salute. Don’t think Nazi thoughts, don’t say Nazi things, and don’t do their totally-not-secret-handshake. It may provoke reactions.

There is no debate about white supremacy, racism and the Nazi ideology. Each of these things leads to violence, hatred and suffering. Each of these things is flagrantly, hyperbolically wrong. But the election of real-actual-totally human being with real-human-hair Donald Trump has emboldened some of the worst elements of our species and his categorical refusal to take a meaningful stance against far-right hatred and violence has led to these displays:

It should be said that in present-day Germany, Nazi paraphernalia and salutes are against the law. But these are American citizens parading around, happy to use these images and salutes to terrorize other people. But people have their own way of responding to these kinds of things. Some people punch.

Let’s discuss this for a minute. To this Groot-sized bigot’s credit, it seems like he took that shot like a champ. But that’s because Beardsley the Jumbo Racist was attacked by a regular schlub like you or me, and our average Joe landed the punch with his fingers, not his knuckles. This is not good technique.

When throwing a punch, you want to imagine a flat board glued to the top of your wrist so that your wrist and forearm are effectively a single line. Keep your hand completely straight, land the punch flush with the knuckles, and drive through with the rest of your arm and body weight (real power comes from rotating your hips, btw). Not only will this increase the force of the punch but it will protect your wrist from undue strain. Our Johnny America didn’t know all this, because peaceful people aren’t usually called upon to defend American streets from the repugnant scourge of open Nazism. I will say though, that what V-for-Virgina-and-Also-Vanquisher-of Nazis lacked in technique he made up for in accuracy. The jaw is the human ‘off’ button.

Now, you might have something to say about how violence is never the answer. There is certainly merit to this. However, I must insist that one punch to the face from one other person is a statement. For instance, if a young woman punches noted white supremacist Richard Spencer in the face while the media are amplifying his hatespeech, that’s a statement.

Six white supremacists surrounding an unarmed man and beating him with clubs is violence.

One more round. Punching the face of a man who is being treated by the media as some kind of ‘handsome alt-right darling’ – who is in fact calling for the removal of nonwhites from American soil, which I will not dignify with a link – while he’s being interviewed about his Nazi ideas is a statement.

A Nazi driving his automobile into a crowd of peaceful protesters is terrorism.

There is no equivalency between the two.

H/T: Twitter, the Verge, Chicago Tribune

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