Extreme Makeover Weight-Loss: Success Stories

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Chris Powell reveals two people who managed to lose massive weight.
Nature has its way of creating balance in the world. The West has been enjoying the luxury of living which made them eat more. These blessings must have been abused since most people in the west are having problems with their weight. Most of them are diagnosed to be obese. This weight problem is very hard to address especially in the kind of lifestyle that they have. Good thing the East has some blessings that is of abundance to a point that it can even be shared to the West. This blessing is found in Caralluma, an herb that grows in India and other countries in the East that has been turned into a pill that is indicated for weight loss.

This herb is a member of the cactus family that has been sprouting all over India especially in the forests where most tribes can be seen. This herb has saved these tribes during famine because when they eat its leaves, they do not feel hungry and instead they feel energized and make them wanting to hunt for food. This has actually been the blessing that these tribes continue to enjoy since they do not have access to synthetic preparations sold in the city. They have gained so much benefit from this herb and this is the reason why this product has been pushed in the market for its effectiveness and safety because of its organic nature. It is the answer to every obese person’s problem because losing weight is not a very easy thing to do. Caralluma will make you achieve your ideal figure and weight without having to worry of any side effects at all.

Research efforts have been made to explore the subject of tribal remedies in the jungles of India. These researchers were able to see why these tribal people where able to survive in the jungle where food can be scarce at times. The main source of food for these tribes is hunting and there are times when animals can be very hard to find. During these times, the researchers found out that they have been eating Caralluma leaves in order to suppress their appetite and give them energy while food is still not available. Also, Caralluma has been proven to help in eliminating body fats which is why these tribal people have slim bodies that made them in the right shape for hunting. This has made the product very effective in addressing the problem of obesity.

Since this herb has gained popularity all over the world. Western drug companies have seen the potential of this herb for their business. What they did is that they opened their own laboratories in India to get closer to the source of the Caralluma herb, the jungles where the tribal people live. Looking at this situation, the locals are getting alarmed because their resources might be exploited up to a point that their livelihood will be compromised. This is something that must be addressed by implementing strict rules in the management of the use of this herb.

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