Donald Trump Jr. Caught Red-Handed On TIME Magazine’s New Cover

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This cover won’t be hanging in daddy’s office any time soon.

Time‘s newest cover is here, and it’s brutal.

The popular magazine, known for its iconic covers, delivered yet again with a scathing cover featuring Donald Trump Jr. surrounded by his incriminating emails.

And just to drive the message home, “Red-Handed” is slapped over his face.

Time released the animated version of the cover on Twitter Thursday morning:

Twitter was impressed:

But wasn’t so sure the President would be:

Being on the cover of Time does seem to run in the family, though:

Among other things:

It could replace a certain fake cover, though:

But however embarrassing the cover may seem, one user made an even more startling discovery:

Look for the new issue in stores soon:

H/T: Mashable, Huffington Post, Twitter

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